Summer International Correspondence

Globalist reporters enter the Grand Mosque of Banda Aceh, Indonesia. (Osborn/TYG)

JAKARTA — Summer 2010 finds many Globalist writers abroad, and they will be sharing their experiences on the ground via three blogging initiatives. The first is the Indonesia Travel Blog, in which participants on the 2010 Reporting Trip chronicle their days researching in Jakarta, Bali, and Banda Aceh for the fall issue of the magazine. We fly out of Jakarta tomorrow, but you can look forward to a few final posts and even a cartoon appearing over the next few days.

The second initiative is a series of reports from writers installed in different capacities around the world — studying in Rome and Paris, interning in Jerusalem, Copenhagen, and South Africa, traveling through South America — about their projects and their times. This Overseas Bureau will also give ground updates on international news in the area.

Thirdly, we introduce “Culture and the Cup.” With as many competing nations as the 2008 Summer Olympics, this summer’s FIFA World Cup promises to reveal as much about geopolitics and international culture as is does about soccer. Or are they the same thing? Globalist writers from some of the above locations as well as China, Jordan, and Argentina will report on how the Cup is affecting the national consciousness and daily lives of their locals. The Cup runs from June 11th to July 11th in South Africa.

Feel free to join in on the conversation by commenting on these reports. We look forward to providing some excellent summer writing.


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  1. ooo..Great..thats our Grand Mosque
    Thank you for visiting ours..
    By: nabila in BAnda Aceh

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